The Art of Kaihly Rae


WIPS for Mikah.


How does one go about coercing a writer into picking up a story they haven’t updated in years? … I suppose you don’t. *cries internally* Well in any case, I’m absolutely smitten with The Kastor Chronicles and am on my second read through. Actually, in all fairness, I’m kind of a junkie for all of Jesse Hajicek’s originals, but the KCs are kind of beating out the God Eaters for my favorite. I’m in love with like all the Mara, it’s a problem.  A problem without anyone to tell about it.

ANYWAY. Mikah the immortal infant. <3 I vaguely trampled around to find refs, but didn’t find a colored one until after I painted his face in. So… He’s a little more tan than he’s supposed to be. Woops.
Random notes: gold and clouds are my least favorite things to paint. Braids are the best.

Photoshop CS6 (ext), Wacom Intuos 3, 20ish hours from sketch to finish (I’m out of practice >.<) WIPS and Sketch to come.

Kaihly does a stupid amount of chalkboards part 2. (Tap House version)


I can’t look at this anymore.

Ummmmm…. Kiri and Kei crack ship?
You should really specify your K’s, Princess. There are too many of them amongst our boys. Also I feel like Kiri is currently taking over my sketches…


Dean Winchester vs #17

It was actually really hard to let myself not finish/polish this. I promised it would be a quick paint so a quick paint it is. In any case, it was good color practice. Keep ‘em coming.